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Illustrations from OFW 8/21/15 Designers

Friday night of Omaha Fashion Week featured evening wear designers.

Here are my illustrations of the designers that showed on Friday night:

(Both prints and originals are available for purchase at Omaha Fashion Week!)

Designer: Amaryllis Designs by Andrea Hurtt


Designer: Buf Reynolds


Designer: Denise Ervin Designs by Denise Ervin


Deisgner: alesha.beth by Alesha Johnson


Designer: Leah Kareen by Leah Kettelson


Designer: Alison Cloet


Designer: Fella by Fella Vaughn



I am the official Omaha Fashion Runway Illustrator this season and will be posting illustrations of looks from the Omaha Fashion Week August 2015 all week.  The illustrations are 9×12″ and are priced at $50.  If you are interested in purchasing any of these original pieces of art, please contact me at


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