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Blue monoprismatic Items Available

Blue monoprismatic items available for purchase now!

Blue Quilted Spaceage Neckpiece

Blue Sheer Top

Blue Diagonal Dash Leggings

Blue Velvet & Lace Vest

Blue Velvet Stewardess Fascinator

More items from monoprismatic coming soon!

All other Audio Helkuik items available at

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Blue-green monoprismatic Items Available

Blue-green monoprismatic items available for purchase now!

Teal Lace Crop Top Shirt with High Low Hem

Teal Cowl Top 

Teal Sheer Crop Top with High-Low Hem

Teal Slouch Shrug

Teal Pleated Shorts

More items from monoprismatic coming soon!

All other Audio Helkuik items available at

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Green monoprismatic Items Available

Green monoprismatic items available for purchase now!

Green Feathered Hat with Fringe and Gold Studs

Green Cowl Top with Fringe

Green Button Up Hanky Hem Loose Fit Shirt

Green Fringe Shorts

Green Angle Leggings (sold out!)

More items from monoprismatic coming soon!

All other Audio Helkuik items available at

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Yellow-green monoprismatic Items Available

Yellow-green monoprismatic items available for purchase now!

Yellow-Green Vinyl & Lace Vest

Yellow-Green Button Up Tunic Shirt

Yellow-Green Lace Shirt Crop Top

Yellow-Green Angle Leggings

More items from monoprismatic coming soon!

All other Audio Helkuik items available at

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Recycled Rainbow Guts

Since I am a fanatic of the reduce-reuse-recycle mentality, I tend to shred and save the scraps created from clothing construction. I use these shredded scraps to stuff the little creatures I make, which I talk about here and a little bit over here.

I’m really excited to make a few more plushies, because they will get some very special guts. Since my monoprismatic clothing collection is created out of only bright, saturated colors, my scrap pile is looking mighty rainbowy and happy.  Some of my creatures will have super awesome secret rainbow guts!

monoprismatic gave me piles and piles of this rainbowy goodness.


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my rainbow life: YELLOW-GREEN

Top row: my partner lookin’ fine while writing some music, my frame collage in my studio, scarfy-scarf

Middle row: my best friend, avocados, Thor’s new toy

Bottom row: green dreads, ratatouille, ballerina sneaker flats


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my rainbow life: GREEN

Top row: vintage bracelet with hidden watch, my sweetie, green grass

Middle row: “Wanna play tug?!,” luna moth pendant, vintage green and gold earrings

Bottom row: pepper plant in my garden, reusing green glass bottles for water bottles, “YEAH! TUG!”


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Side Project: Beaver Fever!

I’m a textiles recycling enthusiast.

Or, as my partner sees it: I am incapable of throwing fabric away.

Seriously, I have boxes and bags of scraps that I just KNOW will come in handy for some project someday that will need just a teeny tiny scrap of that ONE fabric.  So, I keep it.  In addition to keeping fabric scraps, I even save thread clippings.  I’ve used thread scraps in the past for stuffing small plush creatures, so I’ve just continued saving thread bits for years and years.  I told you I’m a textiles recycling enthusiast: recycled thread guts.

Recycled guts collection site: Toss your thread clippings here!

I’ve been working on some plush creature patterns lately.  The first one I focused on was a super chubby beaver.  Now I’m SUPER glad I’ve been keeping all these scraps for years, because it takes alot of guts to stuff a super chubby beaver.  (I meant that sentence in the G-rated version.)

Pile o' beaver parts.

While I’ve been patterning clothes/accessories/costumes for years, plush creatures are real, real hard for me to pattern.  I think it’s because I don’t necessarily have a brain that works three-dimensionally.  Sure, clothes are essentially soft, three-dimensional sculptures worn around a body, but I have learned the shapes, curves, and contours of these sculptures.  The starting point is always human body shaped, so I’ve been able to spend years figuring it out.  With my plush creatures, there’s not really a starting point.  My brain panics. I decided to dive into this project despite my “holy cow…..what?!” mentality.

Using recycled guts.

While I still have some fine-tuning on my pattern, it definitely turned into a chubby beaver body.  When I use the recycled textiles, I tend to stuff them fairly tightly.  This gives the plushie some weight and they feel pretty dense.  I happen to like this, but not everyone does.  Some people prefer the super soft and squishy type.  Personal preference, no judgement here.

Now the fun part: details!  You all know how I love to get caught up in details.

Nose job!

A soft leather nose, suede stitched teeth, mop of furry hair, a quilted tail.  Yep.  Details are definitely my favorite.

Securing the teeth. Audio Helkuik: designer, costumer, beaver dentist....?

Over all, I’m reeeeeeeally excited about the outcome of this side project.  While I love making clothes, I’ve always wanted to be a monster-maker.  Okay, so a beaver isn’t a monster…..but if I can make a beaver, I can make a monster, right?   Plus, I love using up the scraps from all my other projects.  The beaver was stuffed using scraps from my clothing collection. A beaver with circus guts has got to have a destiny of serious awesomeness.  I think I have enough scraps to make a small army of creatures.  Since I’m constantly sewing clothes for clients, I’ll be continually creating guts.  Really, my studio has created a great cycle of sustainability as far as guts goes.  Textiles recycling winner!  And chubby-beaver-maker winner!

Beaver Fever: my new chubby beaver friend!

You know what they say: If you can’t make friends….MAKE some friends.



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