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Millinery Moment: Hats & Headpieces at OFW

Recently, Omaha Fashion Week held a competitive Hair/Makeup/Accessories show as part of their spring 2013 runway shows.  I enjoyed this show because I really, REALLY love accessories.  Also, I got to see so many exciting hats, headwear, headpieces, and hairpieces and I really, Really, REALLY love hats!  Accessories designers were paired with salons/stylists and created looks together.  I took lots of photos because I get really  excited about outfits that are all about the accessories.

Here are a few of my favorite shots from the InezGill/Fringes team:

Accessories by Inez Gill. Styled by Omar Rodriguez from Fringes Salon.

Another accessorized look by Inez Gill and Omar Rodriguez from Fringes Salon.

Omar Rodriguez & Fringes team with Courney Zurcher from InezGill. (And a bonus Omar giving a thumbs up!)

I had the pleasure of seeing a whole collection of hats from an Omaha milliner I had never met before. Yay fancy hats! I spoke to the hat designer from Re-Creations from the Edge before the show and she shared that she only recently taught herself how to sew!

The winner of this Hair/Makeup/Accessories runway show was the Ruffled Runway/Kontempo team:

A look from the winning collection. Accessories by Ruffled Runway. Styled by Kontempo.


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Omaha Salon competing for Battle of the Strands

So, I’m not a huge fan of reality television but my interest is officially piqued.  An Omaha salon, Fringes, is in the running to go to Las Vegas to be filmed for the show Battle of the Strands.  Battle of the Strands is ” the extreme beauty show featuring your favorite stylists and salons from across the country. An epic showdown of extreme genius in hair, makeup, wardrobe, and styling with limited time and unlimited creativity!” (according to the Battle of the Strands website).  They claim that the styling challenges on the show will match that drama and magic of Vegas which includes showgirls, lions and mummies!  (Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE theatricality?!)

On top of the crazy styling that is bound to happen, I’m also really excited about this show because one of the stylists on the Fringes team is Omar Rodriguez.  He is friend of mine and also does a fantastic job on the runway when I ask him to model for me.  Also, Omar is a huge supporter of local artists and designers and one of my favorite Omaha clients.  In Fringes’ Battle of the Strands submission video, Omar wears an outfit that includes a custom vest/pant combo designed by myself. And he looks great, as usual.

Omaha hair stylist Omar Rodriguez wearing custom Audio Helkuik garments in Fringes Salon’s submission video for Battle of the Strands 2012.  (Photo credit: Dale Heise)


Omar Rodriguez modelling for Audio Helkuik in Omaha Fashion Week’s Avant Garde Runway show. (Photo credit: g thompson higgins gallery)


To view Fringe’s Battle of the Strands submission video click here: Vote for Fringes Salon for Battle of the Strands 2012!

Voting goes for one more week (through Sept 13th) and you can vote once a day. As of RIGHT NOW, Fringes’ is in first place. I’m rooting for them!  Yeah Omar!   Yeah Fringes!   Yeah Omaha!


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Behind-the-scenes: Wolfgang Kaufman shoot

My collection just begs to be part of themed photoshoots.  A really great photographer named  Wolfgang Kaufman was coming through town and wanted to do a photoshoot while he was here in the Omaha area.  The creative director for this shoot, Cherisse McCoy, contacted me to see if I was interested (yes, duh) and for details about my latest collection.  When I described my line, she got really excited to create a very dramatically themed photoshoot, including a custom built set, props, and she even brought in a fire performer and aerial artist.  If anyone knows how much I LOOOOOOVE circus themed stuff, you’d know how much I was nerding out at this point.

Watching all my models get styled at the salon was really exciting.  I let my makeup artist, Amy Burns, go to town.  She painted on mustaches, sprayed on some lacework, airbrushed stylized pink cheeks, and applied glitter lashes.  She’s great at taking an idea and bumping it up about 16 extra levels of awesome.

Makeup Artist: Amy Burns
Model: Makayla Torrez

Makeup Artist: Amy Burns
Model: Makayla Torrez

Makeup Artist: Amy Burns
Model: Nicole Keimig

Once all my models were styled, I finally got a chance to see all the props that were made for this shoot.  It was like a circus dream come true. It took all of my concentration to keep from running and playing with EVERYTHING.

Custom made set and props.

SECRET: The “strongest man in the world” barbell is actually made of balloons.  I was tricked every stinkin’ time I saw anyone pick it up.  I am always worried about overworking my models, so I kept telling them that they could set it down between shots to rest their muscles.   Balloons.  They are a clever illusion, especially for a gullible kid like me.

Model requirements: good-looking, hard-working, easy to get along with, and oh yeah……you must be able to lift one ton without breaking a sweat.

Wolfgang Kaufman was great to work with.  He was so committed to getting the best possible shot:  he climbed on ladders, crawled around on the floor, hopped up on all the different furniture, then hopped down, then did it all again.  Wolfgang is awesome.

Model: Aaron Steward
Photographer at work: Wolfgang Kaufman
(See what I mean about how convincing the balloons are?!?)

Model: Nicole Keimig
Photographer at work: Wolfgang Kaufman

This photoshoot was a dream come true.  Cherisse McCoy, the creative director, imagined a fantastic circus world for my collection to play in for the day.

Hair/makeup: Sirens at the Loft

Creative director: Cherrise McCoy

Wolfgang Kaufman: collection available in my store:


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Apparently, my studio is a brunette.

As I was cleaning my studio, I noticed that there was brunette hair tucked into several shelves and nooks of my studio closets.

My closet doll. Don't you have one?

My stash of synthetic hair. My stash of human hair is all organized, sealed, and packed up tight…..not as easy to stumble across.

This is Rachel. I know this not because she told me, but because her name is unfortunately sharpied across her forehead. Rachel does many of my hat/headwear/hairpiece fittings for me. Thanks Rachel!

Apparently, my studio is a brunette.

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