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“31 Days…” Day 21: Caveman

Throughout my “31 Days of Halloween” costume challenge, I keep thinking how my dreads are getting in the way of some costume concepts I want to create.  Alot of costume require distinctive hair that I just cannot do my dreadlocks: slicked down hair, curls, wigs, etc.  I started thinking about costumes that would be IMPROVED by the presence of dreads.  So I give you my costume of the day: a caveman!

Day 21: Caveman (and a little Cavepup)

This costume doesn’t provide a ton of warmth or opportunities for secret layering for cold weather, so I was happy it was a beautiful, sunshiney day in Omaha today!  My pup, Thor, was tapdancing around and trying to get my attention while I was taking photos, so I let him be my Cavepup.  He makes a really adorable Cavepup.

Caveman details: leopard tunic, stretched septum claw jewelry, dirt makeup, dreads, barefoot, claw necklace, cute Cavepup.


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2011 Omaha World Herald feature

While preparing for Omaha Fashion Week last year, I was contacted by an Omaha World Herald reporter.  They wanted to feature me in their spread about OFW 2011.  After I was interviewed about my collection, the reporter told me she was going to send a team of photographers out to my studio.  This is my stage fright’s cue to go into overdrive.  To prepare/relax for the photo session, I gave myself and my little pup a matching eyebrow makeover.

Best friends have matching eyebrows: Audio and Thor in teal.

When the team of friendly photographers arrived at my studio, they set up and shot photos of everything: my work, me, my workspace, my dogs.  I’m glad they were friendly, because I am fairly anxious in front of a camera. My pup is fairly anxious about everything in life, so I was shocked that they got him to stand still enough to snap a few shots of us together.  It was awfully exciting when I got my copy of the paper and saw my wiggly pup, Thor, looking so statuesque and adorable.  He’s on his way to being Omaha famous!

Reading my copy of the Omaha World Herald article in my studio.

Excerpts from my interview about my concept and inspiration:

“Ballet is beautiful and everyone knows it’s beautiful,” she said. But what about a trapeze artist or fire-breather? “The freak aspect . . . nontraditional artistry of making fire beautiful.”

“I love the circus and would love to costume the circus,” she said. “For now, I’ll outfit models as circus performers.”

Image in the Omaha World Herald article for Omaha Fashion Week 2011.

Audio Helkuik featured in the Omaha World Herald online:

“Omaha Fashion Week’s Night to Shine” article (photos me and my worktable):

“Meet the Designers” article (tidbits from my interview regarding my collection):

“OFW Need to Know” article (photo of one of my outfits included in this event info article):


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