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Red monoprismatic Items Available

Red Quilted Denim Hat with Studs

Red Denim Coveralls

Red Capelike Vest

Red Cowl Tank

Other monoprismatic items coming soon!

All other items by Audio Helkuik available at

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Omaha Fashion Week “Best of the Week” Runway Finale Show

Omaha Fashion Week had themed runway shows Monday-Friday and held a “Best of the Week” finale show on Saturday of their week of fashion.  I was invited to show my collection at this runway show.  TWO RUNWAY SHOWS IN ONE WEEK = crazy and exciting.

I’ve already posted the photos that g thompson higgins gallery took at the midweek show with all twelve looks from my monoprismatic collection.  You can look at them here.  I decided to show just six looks at the finale runway show.  I showed a pared down version of the color spectrum: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet.

Here are the photos by g thompson higgins gallery from the OFW Finale Runway Show.

Model: Symieon Harrison
Hair/Makeup: Sirens at the Loft

Model: Aaron Steward
Hair/Makeup: Sirens at the Loft

Model: Dawaune Hayes
Hair/Makeup: Sirens at the Loft

Model: Domy Alai
Hair/Makeup: Sirens at the Loft

Model: Nick Watson
Hair/Makeup: Sirens at the Loft

Model: Chikadibia Ebirim
Hair/Makeup: Sirens at the Loft

g thompson higgins gallery:


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my rainbow life: RED

Top row: my sweetie, buttons, my red lipstick

Middle row: Octavius the Octopus (crocheted him for my sweetie), apple snack, patterning tools

Bottom row: glasses, my favorite red shoes, my trusty blender in my red kitchen


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my rainbow life: RED-ORANGE

Top row: two-headed quilt, my first crocheted creature, cravat

Middle row: red-head, thread, “I really love your peaches wanna shake your tree….”

Bottom row: climbing stairs, layered outfit, Micachu music


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my rainbow life: ORANGE

Top row: COOKIES!, bro vest, staircase corner

Midde row: thirsty, scissor cuddle puddle, orange dreads

Bottom row: “Whatever and Ever Amen,” Frank Pumpkin about to eat a tiny Playboy gnome, my tiger sneaks


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my rainbow life: YELLOW-ORANGE

Top row: amber lamp ambiance, cartoony shoelaces, cheesy ducks

Middle row: manilla pattern envelopes, studio table tools, bookbag

Bottom row: getting my Vitamin C, growing tomatoes, my sweetie and his pipe overlooking downtown Omaha


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my rainbow life: YELLOW

Top row: The Banana Lick, my very favorite cup, yellow-on-yellow outfit

Middle row: my bedroom (nicknamed “the bed nook”), yellow studio tools, buttons

Bottom row: makeup mask, hello yellow breakfast, lemon pastry candle


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my rainbow life: YELLOW-GREEN

Top row: my partner lookin’ fine while writing some music, my frame collage in my studio, scarfy-scarf

Middle row: my best friend, avocados, Thor’s new toy

Bottom row: green dreads, ratatouille, ballerina sneaker flats


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my rainbow life: GREEN

Top row: vintage bracelet with hidden watch, my sweetie, green grass

Middle row: “Wanna play tug?!,” luna moth pendant, vintage green and gold earrings

Bottom row: pepper plant in my garden, reusing green glass bottles for water bottles, “YEAH! TUG!”


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my rainbow life: BLUE-GREEN

Top row: teal eyebrow winner, my dining room, an unfinished painting

Middle row: my bff & his fiance magnetted to my fridge, teal thread stash, teal & gold beads

Bottom row: my partner’s sweet ink, toes on a handmade rug, excessive bracelets everyday


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