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Making Multiples: Quilted Brains & Love Art

I almost always make completely one-of-a-kind art/clothing/accessories/etc.  I like figuring stuff out and trying something new, which usually means I try something new for every single project.

This one-of-a-kind model of creation is great, but I’ve been doing it for so long, I can feel myself getting antsy.  Essentially, it isn’t completely fulfilling my need to continue to try new things.

So, I tried something new:  I made more than one of something.

Brains & Love Wall Hanging

Brains & Love Wall Hanging

I’m not dabbling in mass production or anything, but I did create five or six of these adorable wall hangings.  I love them.  They are appliqued and quilted.  I liked the original challenge of figuring the layout, the freestyle embroidery for the brains, the fabrics, the applique stitching, etc.  Additionally, I enjoyed the challenge of creating the item again and again.

Appliqued textile art.

Appliqued textile art.

Freestyle embroidered brains. Just like in real life, the brains differ slightly from skull to skull.

Freestyle embroidered brains. Just like in real life, each brain differs slightly.

I’ve put these adorable wall-hangings from my ‘making multiples’ challenge up for sale in my shop.  They look great on a range of wall colors (I’ve got quite the color palette in house, and I didn’t find a wall it looked bad on), and they make great gifts!  Shop here:

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Comfort zone, where are you?

When I drew up my sketches for my monoprismatic clothing collection, all the figures had on these great big, stylized glasses.  I loved them.  At first, I thought that the glasses were just a visually dynamic aspect of my fashion illustrations and I’d leave it at that, but then I started wishing that they would come to life on runway.

Making a variety of templates.

I was brainstorming different ways to make this happen.  Regular glasses weren’t going to be stylized enough. and if I DID find oversized glasses that were cool enough, I didn’t know if my budget would allow me to buy enough for every model.  This idea was dismissed. As I reverted back to brainstorming DIY methods, I crossed several of my regularly used materials off the list: fabric, leather, interfacing, buckram, etc.  Nothing would produce the results I wanted.  I remembered I had a huge sheet of PVC signage plastic leftover from a previous creative endeavor, but it’s so far out of my comfort zone that I didn’t want to use it.  Eventually, I faced the fact that it was the only material that I had at least had SOME experience with that would create these oversized glasses that I wanted for my collection’s debut at Omaha Fashion Week.

Figuring out template layout to keep waste to a minimum.

Tracing templates.

The reason I was so hesitant to use this plastic is because the tools I’d use on it aren’t my normal tools. During  normal projects I use: a domestic sewing machine, an industrial sewing machine, an overlock machine, and iron, hand-sewing needles, scissors, and maybe some pliers. Tools needed for this project: a hot cutting knife, sandpaper, a power drill, sandpaper, more sandpaper……and zero sewing machines!  WHAT?!

Using the hot knife to melt/cut the glasses outline.

Turning non-functional sunglasses into non-functional reading glasses.

I think it wasn’t until I had a few fully completed glasses that I finally relaxed and thought “Sweet! These are runway accessories that are actually feasible!”

POWER drill. Using the POWER.

I already had to drill holes into the plastic to thread the elastic through, so I thought it’d be cute to add a button on each side for a touch of color.  Then each pair of glasses would match its corresponding outfit perfectly! Monoprismatic is very matchy-matchy.

Attaching the elastic cording and colored button.

While I got pretty good at making these glasses by the twelfth pair, I’m no PVC plastic expert. It’s a material that I CAN use, but only when necessary. The glasses are wearable, but somewhat uncomfortable after awhile. My models are troopers.  I just wanted to share my experience of working well out of my comfort zone. As a costumer, I do this quite often, but I don’t normally document it and say “Look at me! I only kinda/sorta know what I’m doing here!” But really, I only kinda/sorta know what I’m doing here.

Finished glasses.


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