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Official Omaha Fashion Week Runway Illustrator


My new gig as Omaha Fashion Week’s official runway illustrator has been announced! Really excited about this opportunity to be involved with fashion week in a whole new way.

So far, I have already illustrated one look from each designer that will be showing at fashion week next week. And they look AWESOME.  I can’t show them to you yet because I don’t want to spoil the debuts of the designers’ clothing collections, but the illustrations turned out real, real good. (Also, I’ve seen the collections that will be shown at OFW and they also turned out real, real good!)  Printed cards of these hush-hush illustrations will be available for purchase at Omaha Fashion Week. I will be selling original artwork at a table at the event each night too so come say hi and look at my AHHHHHHT.

I’m planning on doing some on-site sketching. If you are pre-partying at the tent, I’ll be bouncing back and forth from my table to the platform models. LIVE MODELS! FASHION! ART!



Right now, I am taking orders for original illustrations straight from the Omaha Fashion Week runway.  If you are a designer, model, relative/friend/fan of a designer, or a local fashion and art lover, visit my shop to see the different illustration packages I have available. You can order just one piece of art or commission me to draw an entire collection!

Can you imagine the look on a designer’s face if an illustration from their own runway show was a congratulatory gift for them? Art is SUCH a good gift.  And what would be a better way to remember this red carpet event? Treat yo’self!


Watercolor and ink illustrations I created from looks at past fashion weeks. Designers: Kate WalzKate WalzBuf ReynoldsWallflower.


I am currently taking orders for illustrations for the upcoming Omaha Fashion Week’s fall 2015 shows. Please visit the OFW Illustration section in my shop to pre-order an original illustration and to see the illustration package options:
OFW Illustration Packages

You can also email me at if you’d like to talk about placing an order.


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Fashion Spread in The Encounter (jan/feb 2015)

Omaha stylist, Nicholas Wasserberger, is doing some seriously phenomenal work.  I love when he requests my pieces for any of his upcoming photoshoots because I know I’m going to turn into the heart-eyed emoji when I see the final fashion spread in print.

Yesterday I got the Jan/Feb 2015 issue of The Encounter and Nicholas has done it again.  I have the heart-shaped eyes to prove it.


Encounter jan/feb 2015 fashion spread featuring Audio Helkuik blue-violet pleated satin pants.


Encounter jan/feb 2015 fashion spread:

Photography: Bill Sitzmann

Stylist: Nicholas Wasserberger

Hair & Makeup: Sandy Butt, Victor/Victoria Salon & Spa

Model: Jordyn

Clothing/Accessories: Audio Helkuik, Hello Holiday, Wallflower Artisan Collective and stylist’s own



To view/purchase my blue-violet pleated satin pants: 



Links to other wardrobe pieces:

Hello Holiday

Wallflower Artisan Collective


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Kabarett of the Absurd

“Kabarett of the Absurd” photo collection by Blacksheep Photography features clothing and accessories from my collection.  Here are a few of my favorite shots:

Model wears Circus Sun Goddess Headdress, Carnival Kimono Shrug, Sunburst Circus Tank and Avocado Velvet Cuffs.


Model wears Three Ring Militia Hat & Circus Bustle Jacket.


Model wears Three Ring Militia Hat & Circus Bustle Jacket.


Model wears Circus Sun Goddess Headdress, Carnival Kimono Shrug, Sunburst Circus Tank & Avocado Velvet Cuffs.



To see the rest of the “Kabarett of the Absurd” photo series, click here: KABARETT OF THE ABSURD

To shop the clothing & accessories you see, click here: collection


Photography: Blacksheep Photography

Clothing & Accessories: Audio Helkuik

HMU: Ash Robinson

Models: Chrisane Jarosz, Sammy Greer, Chelsea Hanna Nielsen


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Where have I been!?!? COSTUMING!

I haven’t been posting as much as I have in the past.  Wondering why?  I accepted a full-time position at The Rose Theater as the Costume Shop Foreman, so I’ve been keeping QUITE busy.

Corner office with a view.

I’m still adjusting to working on children’s theater costumes from 9-5 and then working on my own brand during lunch breaks, evenings and weekends. I’m used to working a lot, but this new ratio of working outside the studio vs. time in the studio has been a rough change.

Repairing butterfly wings at my dayjob.

At first I was really concerned because of all the time I would NOT be spending on Audio Helkuik collections, but I’m really so grateful for this job.  If I have to have a 9-5, it’s pretty much the perfect for me.  Children’s theater is really random and wonderful.  My supervisor is really good and really, really, REALLY fast, so I learn a lot from her.  I can’t wait to be able to design, pattern and sew as quickly as she does.  So many of the skills I’m perfecting in the costume shop are exactly the skills I need to continue making Audio Helkuik better and better.  I love to learn.  I love getting better.

Day job work desk essentials: fur, leather, goggles, specs and coffee.

With my new position, I get to design a few mainstage shows each season.  Right now I’m working on designs for a show about a little family of singing mice.  Children’s theater.  So random.  So wonderful.

Designing outfits for singing mice.

My table at a staff design presentation event. Mice!

Really excited to see my designs on the stage again.  I love costume design.  I love fashion design too.  Don’t you worry.  I have LOTS of projects in the works for Audio Helkuik.  Screenprinting.  Leatherworking.  New collections.  Photoshoots.  SOOOOOOO PUMPED.

The future is looking up. Life is good.

One of my desk drawers at work is filled with antique irons. Cool. Random.


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“Catch the Bus”

I finally got my hands on the March/April 2014 issue of The Encounter!!!!!  I’ve been looking forward to this issue for quite some time!  Some Audio Helkuik garments from the monoprismatic collection were featured in the fashion spread which was styled by Nicholas Wasserberger.  He paired the bright outfits with bold jewelry from Cibola’s in the Old Market.  I drool over the jewelry they have at Cibola’s all the time.  It’s one of the few places where I enjoy window shopping.  Turquoise in excess is always a good idea!  I couldn’t wait to see how Nicholas styled their jewelry with my clothing.

Excited to have a hard copy in my hands!

March/April 2014 issue of The Encounter.

“Catch the Bus”

Model wearing monoprismatic garments draped in turquoise.

Cibola’s jewelry paired with Audio Helkuik clothing.

Beautiful bus ride.

“Catch the Bus”

The Encounter

March/April 2014

Photographer: Bill Sitzman

Model: Jordyn Ridner

Clothing: Audio Helkuik

Jewelry: Cibola’s of Omaha

Hair & Makeup: Hilary and Melissa at Sirens

Styling: Nicholas Wasserberger

Grateful to be part of this fashion feature! Nicholas Wasserberger makes Omaha look good.

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Zoo Day: Underwater Inspiration

My partner and I enjoyed a zoo adventure today.  The Henry Doorly Zoo here in Omaha is great, but it’s really overwhelming.  We focus on just one section at a time when we go and today was the aquarium!

Underwater life is crazy to me.  It’s like a wet Willy Wonka dreamworld but not made of candy.  A dreamworld with a few nightmares… this guy:

This giant crab’s claws have creepy human-like teeth!

I was on visual overload mode all day.  There were so many colors, patterns and textures to take in.

Jellyfish ruffles. Visually striking and so delicate.

TOTAL ACCIDENTAL BONUS OF THE DAY: my outfit matched a glittering piranha!  I’m not sure if sparkles make a piranha less terrifying, but it was fun to find myself accidentally matchy-matchy with a giant fish.

PIRANHA LEGS! My glitter tights matched this sparkly piranha!

One of the major highlights of the Omaha Zoo’s aquarium is the shark reef.  It’s the big tunnel where all the sharks, stingrays and sea turtles can swim around and above you.  Well, I have zero pictures of this display. I have no idea what inspiring imagery I could have captured from the shark reef.  I sprinted through this exhibit.  Before we went, I suspected I wouldn’t handle this exhibit very well but now my overhead aquarium phobia is officially confirmed.  My fellow zoo-goers got to observe me experience a bit of a breakdown.  I went to run through the tunnel, but midway I saw a shark over my head and then I SPRINTED back.  Then there were tears.  It was a little embarrassing.  Then I had to psych myself up to run through again and actually make it to the other side.  Anyone know the official name of “overhead aquarium phobia” or “tunnel aquarium phobia?”  I have it.  For sure.

I had my photo taken a few times in the aquarium by sneaky children.  I wanted to shout “I AM NOT AN UDNERWATER ODDITY!!!”  or  “IT’S MY HAIR, NOT A SEA ANEMONE!” but was still trying to regain composure when this happened, so…..I’m part of some families’ zoo day photo slideshow, I guess.

Once I was finally on the other side of the terrifying tunnel moment, I calmed down and enjoyed many more underwater oddities.  My new favorite animal of the day was a garden eel.  They are hilarious and adorable.

These little sprouts are garden eels.


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I’m seeing footage, reviews, photos, etc from Fashion Week in NYC popping up ALLLLLL over my social media.  It’s making me really really want to go to New York and have my own fashion week adventures.  Since that just didn’t happen this time around, I decided to go through all of my Omaha Fashion Week photos again.

Here are some of my newest photo favs from the fashion week adventures I had right here in Omaha.

My partner & I photographed at OFW by Kenal Photography. I’m rockin’ the tri-buns with a gilded forehead.  He’s rockin’ the handsome face.

One of my favorite Jenny Pool designs from her show this year and then Jenny Pool herself making total cute-face on the runway.

Got a little smirk from my model friend, Makayla Merolla. (She’s wearing an Angela Balderston creation.)

A shot of the moody runway scene Buf Reynolds and Dan Richters dreamt up for their show, VESSEL. Dress by Buf Reynolds. (Love the MST3K silhouette situation.)

Design by Buf Reynolds. Metal wing things. Yes please.

Boots. Made for walkin.’ You know the tune. (Photos from Nuevintage by Terri Buckner’s runway show.)

Dream boot alert! (Photo from Nuevintage by Terri Buckner’s runway show.)

This series of photos taken as Buf Reynolds’ spotted her sweetie, who was standing next to me, while she walked her designer lap on the runway after her finale show. (Adorable! Hilarious! Perfect!)

My partner, Cameron, in blue.

Red carpet couple. (photo by Herb Thompson.)

Photo by Herb Thompson.

Fingers crossed that next year I’ll have NYFW photos to share, whether they’re from watching in the audience or backstage at my own show!  It’s just silly not to be there, right?


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Audio’s Omaha Fashion Week Spring 2013 Red Carpet Looks

In the recap of my 2012 Omaha Fashion Week appearances, I mentioned that I was going to try to get red carpet photos at every runway show I went to this spring.

I attended three of the five nights of shows this week, but only got red carpet photos at two of them. So, kind of a failure, but also kind of a success.  Balance is important, guys.

On the red carpet for the Hair, Makeup & Accessories show. (Photo credit: Herb Thompson)

GASP! Sneak peek alert! Wearing my new favorite accessory at the accessories runway show. It’s a bowtie that’s part of an upcoming collection called prysm.break. (Photo credit: Herb Thompson)

There’s a set of missing red carpet pictures from a night I was busy working backstage and spaced off going to the front of house and posing.  Just imagine: me bundled up in pretty much ALL of my winter gear including a calf-length down puffy coat, giant mittens, a wool scarf, and a stocking hat. I was heavily layered up for my wintery bike ride to fashion week only to arrive to a chilly tented backstage area where I remained in my head-to-toe cold weather gear.  The look would have been pretty humorous on the red carpet, so I’m pretty bummed I forgot about it.

On the red carpet for the final runway show of Omaha Fashion Week Spring 2013. (Photo Credit: Herb Thompson)

(Photo Credit: Herb Thompson)


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The Fabric Concierge brings Mood Fabrics to Omaha

I’ve been chatting with Cindi Boudissa, manager of the Fabric Concierge, over the internet for almost a year now.  She is an Omaha native who worked in the Garment District in NYC, but has since returned to Omaha.  Unhappy with the fabric selection available in Omaha, Cindi started her business, The Fabric Concierge.  Her business tagline is “The Garment District Comes to You.”  She travels back and forth to the Garment District from Omaha and brings back yardage and swatches for her customers.

Recently, she has paired with Mood Fabrics as a vendor.  She set up a swatch event at Omaha Fashion Week this year to showcase the Mood swatches and I offered to help her out. I was excited to finally meet Cindi, but also to see all of the fabrics.  As we were setting up the swatch table, it was clear that we would get along really well.  Both Cindi and I geeked out over every square of fabric we unpacked.

Audio Helkuik & Cindi Boudissa (The Fabric Concierge) on the red carpet at Omaha Fashion Week. (Photo credit: Herb Thompson)

The Fabric Concierge’s, Cindi Boudissa, chatting about fabrics with a fellow textiles lover.

Print city.

At first after all the swatches were unpacked, I couldn’t even handle the excitement.  I didn’t know where to start.  After the initial “YAY YAY YAY!” wore off, I started to zero in on some of my favorites.

This soft jersey knit in taupe with a dark inky splatter design is just so great.

Amongst the rows and rows of wonderful shirting fabrics, I found this delicious black and brown stripe fabric. It even has a tiny fuschia stripe in it. SO PERFECT.

Next I started to select several fabrics that I liked and curated little collections. I did this over and over and started dreaming up clothing lines based on the swatch groupings.  I just love fabric so much. It’s an inspiration in itself.  Here’s one small curated trio I picked out:

New for me: mixing prints!

If you want The Fabric Concierge to help you swatch and source garment fabric for your next project, contact Cindi Boudissa at or visit her on the facebook:

Audio Helkuik & Cindi Boudissa (The Fabric Concierge) (Photo credit: Herb Thompson)


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Audio’s Omaha Fashion Week 2012 Red Carpet Looks

As I’m getting pumped up for the upcoming Omaha Fashion Week runway shows that are happening all week next week, I’m reminded of all the shows I saw last August.  I’ve shared a ton of images of the collection I showed at these runway shows, but I never shared pictures of myself attending the runway events.  Here are a few photos taken last August’s Omaha Fashion Week:

Omaha World Herald reporter Cara Pesak, DJ Lauren J., Artist/Designer Dan Richters, Designer Buf Reynolds, and myself enjoying a runway show intermission together.  (Photo Credit: Herb Thompson)


I forgot to get my pic snapped on the red carpet for several of the shows last time.  I’m always so focused on other things like people watching, analyzing the designs on the runway, discussing the collections with other local designers.  I will always prefer to go out and see things, rather than go out to be seen.  I’m going to have to remind myself to ham it up on the red carpet this time!

Dan Richters and I watching the runway.  (Photo credit: Herb Thompson)


This was snapped on the red carpet on the night of my runway show.  (Photo credit: Herb Thompson)


On the runway after presenting my monoprismatic collection.  (Photo credit: g thompson higgins photography)


My 1920’s inspired look for the evening wear show at Omaha Fashion Week 2012.


Suited up for the red carpet.  (Photo credit: Herb Thompson)


On the runway at August 2012 Omaha Fashion Week Finale Runway Show.  (Photo credit: Pierre Kenal Louis Photography)


While I’m not showing any clothing collections next week, I will be working backstage for several of the shows.  The runway side of these events are always fun to watch, but the backstage buzz can be quite exciting too!

Omaha Fashion Week is February 26 through March 2nd.  See the designer lineup and schedule here:


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