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The Rainbow Invasion!

Since black and brown are my go-to colors for most projects I create in my studio, those are the colors I am normally surrounded with while working.  The illustrations are black and brown.  The fabric piles are black and brown. The half-finished projects are black and brown. And the finished products are black and brown.

I have a handmade external closet (aka: a GIANT clothing rack) that is placed right in front of where I do most of my patterning.  This has given me a front row seat as the finished garments of my monoprismatic collection have gathered to finally form a full rainbow.

Black garments on one side. Brown garments on the other.

It’s an unexpected burst of color in the middle of my studio.  I can’t think of anything that makes me happier right now.



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my rainbow life: SO MANY COLORS

I’ve been posting a series called “my rainbow life” where each day’s post has a color theme and features a photo montage from my everyday life in that specific color.  This is the finale of the “my rainbow life” series.

Here’s a mega-montage at all the color-themed photo montages of my life looped into a rainbow of colors.  This makes me so happy as I go around and around.  But seriously, if you can look at your life all awesomely rainbow-ized and NOT get a little giddy, you just might be dead inside.

Or color-blind.

But anyways, here it is, the most beautiful and colorful life one could ask for:

my rainbow life


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Current Inspiration, or “my rainbow addiction”

I love rainbows.  I know I wear black/brown/grey/blue most of the time……but, seriously, I looooooove rainbows.  Real-life rainbows in the sky, rainbow ribbons, rainbow jewelry, rainbow shoelaces, rainbow belts, rainbow EVERYTHING.


I wanted to show how my entire fabric stash is organized by color and when they all the color organized tubs are in a row, it’s a GIANT FABRIC RAINBOW!  (The best of all rainbows.)  But, my stash is too large to put them all in a row in my studio….so….use your imagination.   And cue: ” Ooohhhh……pretty……”

I do, however, have several other rainbow-ized items around my studio.  I love to organize things by color.  One, it is easy to find things.  Two, it’s pretty.  Organization + rainbows = happy

Rainbow-ized thread storage shelf.

Rainbow-ized embroidery thread.


Suuuuuuuper sneak peek:  my love of rainbows is heavily influencing my next clothing collection.  It’s going to be full of rainbow-y goodness.


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