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Oh, the glamour of runway rehearsal . . .

I love this snapshot of my the six models I featured in the Omaha Fashion Week finale runway show.  They are lined up and waiting to rehearse on the outdoor runway.  I think I love this photo for few reasons:

1) I have awesome models.  I love them so much.

2)   Models look so different when they show up for a fashion show then when they are on the runway.  The contrast is fun to see. I should have taken a picture of all the girls in their pajamas-with-heels outfits rehearsing, but I only took pics of my own models, who tend to show up in clothes.

3) This pic was snapped early in the morning and the glamour of the evening clearly hasn’t settled into the scene yet.  Port-a-potties.  Yep.

The glamour of the runway show kicks in later in the day. Trust me.


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