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(((thanks))) Fashion Institute Midwest Grant

I haven’t been sharing too much news from my studio lately because I have been up to my eyeballs in the never-ending prototyping process for my first leather accessories!  I want take a minute from the tedium of fine-tuning patterns to publicly thank the Fashion Institute Midwest for allowing me to really dive into leather working.  Last year I was awarded grant money that gave me the final financial boost to purchase a foot press for my leatherworking studio.  This was the big equipment purchase I had been wishing/hoping/dreaming about for SO long. It basically allowed me to cross over from DESIGNING leather items and creating prototypes to actually PRODUCING leather items!

New foot press for my leather working studio.

My studio is still nowhere near being fully equipped but I have been investing bit by bit into tools and equipment.  It’s so great to have an organization in Omaha that offers support to local designers. I am excited to continue working with this organization.  Thanks again, FIM!

Pretty new equipment.




Fashion Institute Midwest:

(For curious leatherworkers: my press is from Weaver Leather.)


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