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I’m seeing footage, reviews, photos, etc from Fashion Week in NYC popping up ALLLLLL over my social media.  It’s making me really really want to go to New York and have my own fashion week adventures.  Since that just didn’t happen this time around, I decided to go through all of my Omaha Fashion Week photos again.

Here are some of my newest photo favs from the fashion week adventures I had right here in Omaha.

My partner & I photographed at OFW by Kenal Photography. I’m rockin’ the tri-buns with a gilded forehead.  He’s rockin’ the handsome face.

One of my favorite Jenny Pool designs from her show this year and then Jenny Pool herself making total cute-face on the runway.

Got a little smirk from my model friend, Makayla Merolla. (She’s wearing an Angela Balderston creation.)

A shot of the moody runway scene Buf Reynolds and Dan Richters dreamt up for their show, VESSEL. Dress by Buf Reynolds. (Love the MST3K silhouette situation.)

Design by Buf Reynolds. Metal wing things. Yes please.

Boots. Made for walkin.’ You know the tune. (Photos from Nuevintage by Terri Buckner’s runway show.)

Dream boot alert! (Photo from Nuevintage by Terri Buckner’s runway show.)

This series of photos taken as Buf Reynolds’ spotted her sweetie, who was standing next to me, while she walked her designer lap on the runway after her finale show. (Adorable! Hilarious! Perfect!)

My partner, Cameron, in blue.

Red carpet couple. (photo by Herb Thompson.)

Photo by Herb Thompson.

Fingers crossed that next year I’ll have NYFW photos to share, whether they’re from watching in the audience or backstage at my own show!  It’s just silly not to be there, right?


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Menswear Runway Show Omaha Fashion Week Fall 2013

Last night I had the pleasure of attending Omaha Fashion Week’s Menswear Runway Show. Fellow menswear enthusiast Chris Hughes, the designer behind Artifact Bag Co., joined me for the event.

Chris Hughes (Artifact Bag Co.) and Audio Helkuik on the Omaha Fashion Week Red Carpet

While Chris and I both love menswear, we have drastically different tastes.  I knew it was going to be interesting to go to this show with him.  In the venn diagram of our favorites from the night, I think there was maybe just a single look that overlapped from his favorites and mine.  It was an ensemble by designer Borris Powell.

Designer: Borris Powell

My all-time favorite menswear look of the evening was an outfit by designer Paulie Gibson.  It reminded me of the easy summer go-to outfit: t-shirt and shorts, but awesome instead of lame.  A draped, asymmetrical shirt made out of an interesting fabric paired with fitted, patterned shorts makes this outfit totally covetable. Plus, it seems to be just the perfect level of masculinity that I like to wear myself.  Really into this one.

Designer: Paulie Gibson

As I was enjoying Paulie Gibson’s eclectic design flair on the runway, I wondered what Chris Hughes thought of this spectacle.  His face proves that he was genuinely entertained.

Chris Hughes being thoroughly entertained by designer Paulie Gibson’s runway show.

I just love menswear. So glad that I had the chance to see a few collections shown here in Omaha.  Hope to see even more next season!

Photo by Herb Thompson

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Millinery Moment: Hats & Headpieces at OFW

Recently, Omaha Fashion Week held a competitive Hair/Makeup/Accessories show as part of their spring 2013 runway shows.  I enjoyed this show because I really, REALLY love accessories.  Also, I got to see so many exciting hats, headwear, headpieces, and hairpieces and I really, Really, REALLY love hats!  Accessories designers were paired with salons/stylists and created looks together.  I took lots of photos because I get really  excited about outfits that are all about the accessories.

Here are a few of my favorite shots from the InezGill/Fringes team:

Accessories by Inez Gill. Styled by Omar Rodriguez from Fringes Salon.

Another accessorized look by Inez Gill and Omar Rodriguez from Fringes Salon.

Omar Rodriguez & Fringes team with Courney Zurcher from InezGill. (And a bonus Omar giving a thumbs up!)

I had the pleasure of seeing a whole collection of hats from an Omaha milliner I had never met before. Yay fancy hats! I spoke to the hat designer from Re-Creations from the Edge before the show and she shared that she only recently taught herself how to sew!

The winner of this Hair/Makeup/Accessories runway show was the Ruffled Runway/Kontempo team:

A look from the winning collection. Accessories by Ruffled Runway. Styled by Kontempo.


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Audio’s Omaha Fashion Week Spring 2013 Red Carpet Looks

In the recap of my 2012 Omaha Fashion Week appearances, I mentioned that I was going to try to get red carpet photos at every runway show I went to this spring.

I attended three of the five nights of shows this week, but only got red carpet photos at two of them. So, kind of a failure, but also kind of a success.  Balance is important, guys.

On the red carpet for the Hair, Makeup & Accessories show. (Photo credit: Herb Thompson)

GASP! Sneak peek alert! Wearing my new favorite accessory at the accessories runway show. It’s a bowtie that’s part of an upcoming collection called prysm.break. (Photo credit: Herb Thompson)

There’s a set of missing red carpet pictures from a night I was busy working backstage and spaced off going to the front of house and posing.  Just imagine: me bundled up in pretty much ALL of my winter gear including a calf-length down puffy coat, giant mittens, a wool scarf, and a stocking hat. I was heavily layered up for my wintery bike ride to fashion week only to arrive to a chilly tented backstage area where I remained in my head-to-toe cold weather gear.  The look would have been pretty humorous on the red carpet, so I’m pretty bummed I forgot about it.

On the red carpet for the final runway show of Omaha Fashion Week Spring 2013. (Photo Credit: Herb Thompson)

(Photo Credit: Herb Thompson)


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Audio’s Omaha Fashion Week 2012 Red Carpet Looks

As I’m getting pumped up for the upcoming Omaha Fashion Week runway shows that are happening all week next week, I’m reminded of all the shows I saw last August.  I’ve shared a ton of images of the collection I showed at these runway shows, but I never shared pictures of myself attending the runway events.  Here are a few photos taken last August’s Omaha Fashion Week:

Omaha World Herald reporter Cara Pesak, DJ Lauren J., Artist/Designer Dan Richters, Designer Buf Reynolds, and myself enjoying a runway show intermission together.  (Photo Credit: Herb Thompson)


I forgot to get my pic snapped on the red carpet for several of the shows last time.  I’m always so focused on other things like people watching, analyzing the designs on the runway, discussing the collections with other local designers.  I will always prefer to go out and see things, rather than go out to be seen.  I’m going to have to remind myself to ham it up on the red carpet this time!

Dan Richters and I watching the runway.  (Photo credit: Herb Thompson)


This was snapped on the red carpet on the night of my runway show.  (Photo credit: Herb Thompson)


On the runway after presenting my monoprismatic collection.  (Photo credit: g thompson higgins photography)


My 1920’s inspired look for the evening wear show at Omaha Fashion Week 2012.


Suited up for the red carpet.  (Photo credit: Herb Thompson)


On the runway at August 2012 Omaha Fashion Week Finale Runway Show.  (Photo credit: Pierre Kenal Louis Photography)


While I’m not showing any clothing collections next week, I will be working backstage for several of the shows.  The runway side of these events are always fun to watch, but the backstage buzz can be quite exciting too!

Omaha Fashion Week is February 26 through March 2nd.  See the designer lineup and schedule here:


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Fashion Show Trolley Ride

At the Omaha Fashion Week finale runway show last August, the large main backstage area was several blocks away from the small actual-backstage-to-the-runway area.  They had a trolley bring models back and forth when they needed to be on deck for the runway.

My rainbow models entering the trolley (followed by Ellene McClay’s warrior models).

Under different circumstances, this trolley ride would’ve been a super fun time.  Unfortunately, everyone was exhausted from prepping ALLLLLL day and waiting ALLLLLLL evening, and hopping on the trolley meant you were about to hop on the runway, so nerves were high.

Glam-blur models.

Even with the exhaustion and the nerves, my models still seemed to have fun.  They always do.

Chillin’ on the trolley.

The model in blue, Nick, thinks something about the trolley ride is HUH-larious.

It was a short trip, but for some reason the trolley ride made quite a memory for me.  I’m sure a lot of people that rode it just hopped on and didn’t think about it again, but I thought it was cool.  I love taking blurry pictures (sorry! it’s a random hobby!) so a trolley ride over cobbled brick streets gave me the perfect setting for vibrating, blurry pictures.

Rainbow models say goodbye to the fashion trolley.


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Omaha Fashion Week “Best of the Week” Runway Finale Show

Omaha Fashion Week had themed runway shows Monday-Friday and held a “Best of the Week” finale show on Saturday of their week of fashion.  I was invited to show my collection at this runway show.  TWO RUNWAY SHOWS IN ONE WEEK = crazy and exciting.

I’ve already posted the photos that g thompson higgins gallery took at the midweek show with all twelve looks from my monoprismatic collection.  You can look at them here.  I decided to show just six looks at the finale runway show.  I showed a pared down version of the color spectrum: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet.

Here are the photos by g thompson higgins gallery from the OFW Finale Runway Show.

Model: Symieon Harrison
Hair/Makeup: Sirens at the Loft

Model: Aaron Steward
Hair/Makeup: Sirens at the Loft

Model: Dawaune Hayes
Hair/Makeup: Sirens at the Loft

Model: Domy Alai
Hair/Makeup: Sirens at the Loft

Model: Nick Watson
Hair/Makeup: Sirens at the Loft

Model: Chikadibia Ebirim
Hair/Makeup: Sirens at the Loft

g thompson higgins gallery:


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Oh, the glamour of runway rehearsal . . .

I love this snapshot of my the six models I featured in the Omaha Fashion Week finale runway show.  They are lined up and waiting to rehearse on the outdoor runway.  I think I love this photo for few reasons:

1) I have awesome models.  I love them so much.

2)   Models look so different when they show up for a fashion show then when they are on the runway.  The contrast is fun to see. I should have taken a picture of all the girls in their pajamas-with-heels outfits rehearsing, but I only took pics of my own models, who tend to show up in clothes.

3) This pic was snapped early in the morning and the glamour of the evening clearly hasn’t settled into the scene yet.  Port-a-potties.  Yep.

The glamour of the runway show kicks in later in the day. Trust me.


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mid-rainbow model march

I love this shot of my models doing a final model march on the runway at Omaha Fashion Week.  g thompson higgins gallery captured them in a mid-rainbow arc so you can see the end of the rainbow entering and the beginning of the rainbow exiting the runway.  Such a great image.

mid-rainbow model march


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Backstage Glasses Disaster

There’s always some sort of disaster backstage at a fashion show.  Same goes for a theater performance.  Even though I always pack an emergency sewing kit, sometimes the mishaps are beyond what my sewing kit can handle.  A disaster of this non-sewing nature happened to me at Omaha Fashion Week this year.  I had planned for all of my models to wear a pair of oversized glasses on the runway.  I talk about they were tedious to create here.  Since each pair had quite a bit of time invested in them, I didn’t make any extras. (Oh, regrets!)

So, when a pair of these glasses snapped right in half shortly before my models were supposed to lineup to go out on the runway, all of my experience dealing with backstage theater emergencies rushed forward and I went into hardcore theater mode.  I started flying through this list immediately:

1) Determine the situation’s WORST CASE SCENARIO and start coming to terms with that, just in case it is reality. (Also, make sure you actor/model is focusing on THEIR job and not getting caught up in a guilt/apology cycle.)

2) Assess the damage.

3) Sift through all supplies/tools on hand.

4) Brainstorm all supplies/tools that could be acquired QUICKLY.

5) Disperse all hands on deck to start taking action.


For this, the worst case scenario was we’d be short one pair of glasses. Or one model would wear a regular pair of prescription glasses that didn’t match the others.  In reality, really not TOO horrible of a situation. In the moment of panic after months of months of prepping for this, it felt like a bigger deal.

We tried the standard masking tape over the broken bridge of the glasses like the classic nerd-style,which would’ve worked okay with my collection’s theme but tape didn’t hold.  I sent my partner out for Super Glue, and that didn’t work either.  (Although I can cross “Super glue your fingers to a pair of broken, handmade glasses” off my bucket list. And then maybe make a cooler bucket list.)  This is when another model pointed out that the pair of frames that I was wearing that night didn’t have lenses and could used as part of the solution.  We located some black stretchy elastic thread from another backstage designer and started strapping the two broken pieces onto my lens-less frames. It looked like a sad, haggard mess of a repair when you were up close, but at that point it was time to throw the glasses on the model and step up to send models out onto the runway.

Assess the damage: Yep. Totally broken.

The “beautiful” result of a last minute backstage repair.

That elastic thread is hard to handle in the dark!

A close-up of the chaos.

Strapped down and sent out on the runway.

I am so committed to great craftsmanship, clean stitching, high quality, etc, that this was really hard for me to put on the runway in front of an audience!  Luckily, I really only had about 12 seconds to hesitate and then I had no other choice!  Although, I will admit that I’m pretty impressed with the overall result.  I asked a few friends that were out in the audience if they noticed and not even one of them had a clue.  And, check out this photo from g thompson higgins gallery!  The model looks amazing and you’d never know there had been this huge flurry of repair brainstorming going on minutes before my models stepped out on the runway.  (Except for the fact that I blogged all about it…..)  There are definitely no hard feelings between me and the model.  He was assured MANY times of that fact, and he looked great on the runway even with a pair of makeshift glasses.  Actually, I suspect his were far more comfortable than the other models’ anyways.

Photographer: g thompson higgins gallery
Model: Nolan Nuzum
Hair/Makeup: Sirens at the Loft


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