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El Camino Sewing Machine

Since my new-to-me vintage machine reminds me of an old car, I decided to add a car decal to it.  Okay, so it doesn’t exactly remind me of an El Camino, but the decal looked good so I’m going with it.

El Camino decal

I’ve never had an El Camino, but I sure do love them.  (Before the 1980’s versions, I mean, c’mon. Headlight aesthetics are important, car designers!)  I figured since right now I don’t even want a car and I’m not great at driving large cars anyways, I probably won’t have an actual El Camino anytime soon.  My sewing machine can be my ride.  I sew with a lead foot.  I’m sure this makes sense.

My ride.


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Studio upgrade: Consew Industrial Sewing Machine

I’ve been wanting an industrial machine ever since I first used one 5 years ago. I’ve had a few different jobs where I sewed on them all day at work and then had to come home and use my little Janome for my own designs. It seemed so slow and weak when I knew what it felt like to sew with SPEED and POWER.  I never purchased one before because I never had enough extra space or money.  One day while patterning, I accidentally thought of a brilliant plan on how to rearrange everything in my studio that would make just the right amount of space for an industrial sewing machine table.  And, thanks to years of saving, a string of successful sales events in my etsy shop, and my super awesome (and super generous) grandparents, money wasn’t an excuse anymore either. I realized that NOW IS THE TIME FOR POWER!!! (Cue gong. Seriously, I need a gong.)

The Consew arrived assembled, bolted down, and plastic wrapped.

I had to use power tools to release the POWER from its cage.

My pups meet the machine.

And then I realized there was NO way I could get my machine into my studio myself. I recruited some helpful muscles, and awaited their arrival.

This machine is a beast.

Look at those MUSCLES! And look at that MACHINE! *swoon*

Consew 2053R-1

The machine I purchased is a Consew 2053R-1. I looked at pretty much every brand of machine I could come across and then narrowed it down to the 4 or 5 brands that I’ve sewn on before. So far, I love the machine I picked out. The manual is rubbish, so I’m figuring out all the settings on my own. It sure does look good in my studio.


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