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My “Creative Black Tie” Etsy Treasury

I love to collect, sort, admire, reorganize, etc.  When I was a kid, I spent almost every single indoor recess sorting and resorting a giant jar of buttons.

When I realized that you could create your own Treasury on Etsy, my inner little kid felt like they were about to get their hands on that button jar.  I can collect my favorite items on Etsy and sort them however I’d like to show the world? I am in.

I curated my first Treasury this morning.  It’s titled “Creative Black Tie” and it’s a collection of items that I think could become part of some really stellar formal-ish outfits for creative types.


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My Most Colorful Shopping Trip Ever

Every time I go fabric shopping I experience a range of emotions: giddy, focused, ecstatic, unfocused, hopeless, determined…..

Not only did my latest fabric shopping trip deliver this entire range of emotions, it also gave me the brightest, most colorful shopping cart that I’ve EVER had in a fabric store.  I mean, once I bought periwinkle, lilac and emerald fabric together for a theater show, but that’s nothing compared to the yardage I purchased for my monoprismatic collection.

I guess I really DO love color afterall.


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