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Vivienne Westwood fall/winter 2015 illustrations

I still have the doodle bug (will I ever NOT?) so I drew more runway looks.  Here is a set of charcoal drawings I did of Vivienne Westwood’s fall/winter 2015 menswear collection.


Vivienne Westwood design drawn by Audio Helkuik


Vivenne Westwood design drawn by Audio Helkuik


Vivienne Westwood design drawn by Audio Helkuik


Vivienne Westwood designs drawn by Audio Helkuik



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Sketching prysm.break on EVERYTHING

Every time I start absent-mindedly sketching lately, I draw people wearing items from my prysm.break collection.  While the collection hasn’t made it’s way to my online shop yet, it has definitely invaded ALL of my drawings.  Here’s one I doodled while I was waiting for the iron in my studio to heat up.

prysm.break vest sketch


This one is on the back of a receipt.  Seriously, I have gobs of sketches like these all over.

I like drawing prysm.break clothing.

I like prysm.break.

prysm.break tank sketch on back of receipt.

prsym.break is coming soon!!!!!  SO SOON!!!!!

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Digital Drawing Time!

I don’t acclimate to new technology very readily.  My mom gifted me with a digital drawing tablet almost a year ago and I’m embarrassed to admit that it took me months to actually take it out of the box.  When I first tried it out, it was very hard for me to use.  I like real life. I like pencil and paper.  I felt like drawing digitally provided too great of a disconnect with my art.  Also, it was confusing for me to draw on the tablet and have the image I’m drawing appear on the screen.  (Again, technology is kind of hard for me.)  I made myself draw a few sketches before I packed it up again.

First digital sketch I did: The Whistling Giant


(Okay, confession: The first digital sketch I ever did wasn’t really The Whistling Giant.  It was actually a zombie Harry Potter zooming around on a broom, but it was so silly I giggled and forgot to save it before I started the next sketch.  So, we’ll just go with The Whistling Giant as the first sketch since there’s proof of it.)

Second digital sketch: Peace Monster

After I drew these cute monsters, I packed the tablet up for another 6 months.  Today I busted it out for a little more practice. I’ll admit that today it felt just like real-life sketching.  I wasn’t hung up on the fact that I wasn’t drawing using traditional pen and paper methods.  I actually ENJOYED it today. *gasp*

Drawing digitally.


I wanted to try out a technique that I’ll be using on an upcoming project.  I combined a photograph of a garment with a loose illustration style.

Photo of garment (Yellow-Green Button Up Tunic Shirt from my monoprismatic collection)


Photo + sketch


I really like the look of this and I am excited to incorporate this technique into the next project I’m tackling.  There is a lot of digital drawing in my future!


Side by side.


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Watercolor Wednesday pt. 1

Okay, so I don’t do Watercolor Wednesday every week (partly because I lose track of what day it is nearly every day), but a few weeks back I did an ENTIRE DAY of Watercolor Wednesday and I absolutely loved it!  I need to spend every Wednesday just playing with watercolors.

One of the projects I worked on that day was finishing up a set of watercolor fashion illustrations for my monoprismatic collection.  I wanted to have these drawings done before the collection went onto the runway, but when the deadlines starting flying at me, I decided to finish the clothing first.  No regrets.

My painting studio is too chilly for me in winter, so I let my painting projects  take over my sewing studio for the day.

Each figure was drawn to resemble the model that wore that particular outfit on the runway.  I don’t always do that, but I think having a separate hue for each model created a strong model-color-outfit connection in my brain.  I’m really color-oriented up there.

Fros are hard for me to draw and paint, but this guy turned out adorable.

It feels good to have all the illustrations finally completed.  Even better, I’m more than ecstatic about how they turned out.  Now I just have to figure out how to get some prints made asap, since so many people have been fighting over these even before I had them all drawn!  (If your an artist with a suggestion on how/where to get prints made, help a brother out.  Honestly, I’m stuck in “passive research” mode and I’d prefer to be in “waiting for the beautiful prints to arrive on my doorstep” mode.)

The finished monoprismatic fashion illustration set!

I’m for real about the prints. I will figure it out soonish, so keep an eye out for prints of these cute fashion drawings to pop up into my shop at  I’m excited to share the rainbowy glee!


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Note to self….

Sometimes my reminders get a little sketchy.  I have a very visual brain, so when I go to write down what I’m thinking, it’s sometimes end up an image instead of a word.  I’ve created entirely illustrated to-do lists without realizing until I’m done.


Note to self: remember your headphones.

This particular pictorial reminder was pretty cute, but entirely unsuccessful.  I still forgot my headphones.



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monoprismatic illustrations in progress

I’m currently working on a clothing collection called monoprismatic.  I like to create fashion illustrations for every collection I produce, but the illustrations for this line have really helped me to understand the overall feel monoprismatic.

Sketch time

I’ve sketched countless scribbles of garments, accessories and ideas over the past year.  The garments have morphed quite a bit from when I started, but the figure wearing the outfit has remained fairly consistent.  When I noticed this, I perked up and paid attention. The figure was always very still and confident.  However, they seemed a little hesitant, perhaps because they were on display or they were in a new environment–like they were definitely sure of themselves, but maybe not of the viewer.  Perhaps this is a reflection of my own personality.  One of my art teachers in the past always told me that if an artist didn’t draw people from a photograph or a live model, the finished artwork end up representing the artist far more than they intended.

Invisible leg.     Invisible ink?

Another consistency throughout my sketches was the fact that all figures were wearing glasses.  The glasses tended to get bigger and more cartoonish as my ideas solidified.  This detail has definitely stuck around for the completed collection look. I’ve embraced them completely and confidently as a quirky and bold accessory.

Adding color.


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“It’s just a phase….a ‘food with faces’ phase….”

So, for a few weeks I developed this really strange habit of drawing my face on my food…..?

This is what my face looks like on my food.

Lots of Audio faces.

I think this random phase has passed, but it was fun/weird while it lasted.  I don’t know what phase is coming up next.  I hope it’s either a “I can’t leave my house if I’m not wearing glitter goggles that match my socks” or a “I must Vogue with my hands whenever I talk to strangers” phase.  We’ll see.


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After flipping through a bazillion photos of Omaha Fashion Week 2011, I did this group sketch of all my wonderful models wearing my collection. sketch

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