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I started taking my own product photos for my etsy shop a few months ago. I feel silly when I think about how much of my work week is spent dressing and undressing fake humans, but someone’s gotta do it!  Even if I get real good at it, adding “Professional Undresser” onto my resume seems kind of like a bad idea.

undressing . . . .

Blue-Violet Pleated Satin Pants available at


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New Custom audiohelkuik Stamp!

Stampin’ time!  I picked up my custom rubber stamp from JP Cooke last week.  I’ve probably biked past that place in Omaha’s Old Market a zillion times and thought to myself “Ooh! I should design a stamp when I get home!”  I’m a big fan of stamps.

stamp stamp stamp stamp stamp stamp

I got out the new stamp, opened up the ink pad, inked the stamp and then looked at my hairless cat that happened to be lounging on my studio table just then. My sweetie just shook his head and said “NO. Don’t even THINK about stamping the cat.”

So, of course, I will be stamping pretty much everything except my cat.


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