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“31 Days…” Day 11: RAINBOW!

Okay, so I know I’ve blogged about my love of rainbows about eight hundred bazillion times, but really…..I love ’em.

Today is October 11th, so in honor of National Coming Out Day, I’m dressed as a RAINBOW!

Day 11: RAINBOW!

This costume is fun because it could look different every time you put it together. I went for a more casual/sporty rainbow look.  I could’ve chosen all menswear items, or all vintage, or all sparkly (!)….etc.  I just gathered all the items I had on hand and then asked around until I filled in all the color gaps.  And KABLAM!  Full body rainbow!

RAINBOW details: red hat/glasses/earrings, orange scarf, yellow shirt, green belt, blue shorts, purple leggings, fuschia legwarmers.


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mid-rainbow model march

I love this shot of my models doing a final model march on the runway at Omaha Fashion Week.  g thompson higgins gallery captured them in a mid-rainbow arc so you can see the end of the rainbow entering and the beginning of the rainbow exiting the runway.  Such a great image.

mid-rainbow model march


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my rainbow life: SO MANY COLORS

I’ve been posting a series called “my rainbow life” where each day’s post has a color theme and features a photo montage from my everyday life in that specific color.  This is the finale of the “my rainbow life” series.

Here’s a mega-montage at all the color-themed photo montages of my life looped into a rainbow of colors.  This makes me so happy as I go around and around.  But seriously, if you can look at your life all awesomely rainbow-ized and NOT get a little giddy, you just might be dead inside.

Or color-blind.

But anyways, here it is, the most beautiful and colorful life one could ask for:

my rainbow life


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