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“31 Days…” Day 25: Princess Ballerina Goose

So…..if I wasn’t so random and awkward, this costume would be “Swan Princess.” That’s what most people guessed what I was today.  That would be cute. That would make sense.

But my brain is not cute and logical.  A prissy, girly goose seemed like the right choice when I was putting this together, and I’m sticking with it.

I am Princess Ballerina Goose.

Day 25: Princess Ballerina Goose

I loved my Church Sunday Duck costume so much, I wanted to dress up like another fancy water bird this month.  I might like birds. Or, I might like to dress as birds. (Let’s hope it’s not a phase. BIRD OUTFITS 4 LYFE!)

Princess Ballerina Goose details: lace shirt, feather boa, sequin sweater, goose makeup, princess tiara, pink tights, pink shoes, pink bloomers.



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