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“31 Days…” Day 28: Punchline

What’s black and white and red all over?

Day 28: Punchline


Punchline (Sunburnt Zebra) details: black & white striped EVERYTHING, “hooves,” feather boa mane, sunburnt zebra makeup, ears, sunglasses, beach towel, fringe tail.

I was a little concerned about doing the makeup for this one.  It’s TWO makeup concepts at once, and I haven’t done either one of them before.  Normally, I just kind of wing it when it comes to makeup, but I was worried I’d end up with a black/white/grey/red/pink mess if I didn’t have a gameplan for this one.  I sketched up this little makeup chart to follow.  It’s nothing fancy, but it saved me the time and makeup of doing a test run. Hurray for planning!

Sunburnt Zebra makeup chart


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